About us

Welcome to Sushi Flash™


Sushi Flash is a new concept in Malaysia (started in March 2013), serving sushi on conveyor belt mainly. Customers just need to grab and eat sushi when the belt rolls in the food they like.

What is unique in us is that we provide decent Japanese food at high efficiency (with minimal waiting time on ordering) and affordable prices (RM2.5 or RM3.5 per plate). We strive to make this concept trendy in Malaysia, making Japanese food affordable to everyone.

Upon strong demand, we recently (February 2014) rolled out set meals for those customers who prefer main course like donburi and udon.

Eat like a boss!” is our tagline, which is the value we want to bring to all our customers.

Your Unique Sushi Experience

“Are you able to recall the most recent experience, when you were so hungry after long-hour of work or studies, and you finally decided that you wanted to treat yourself an extraordinary meal?”


Do you still remember the moment that you enjoyed your food so much that you just grabbed whatever in front of you because it felt incredibly energizing and empowering? Is it still in your memory- the feeling that you did not have to think about where the  seductively delicious food came from and how much it would cost?

Do these sound familiar to you- and, do you want to experience that again? If you think that such phenomenal experience in your life do not happen outside of your home meal, we would like to give you a suggestion- try us- because we, Sushi Flash are here to bring you precisely the above-described experience- we enable you to “Eat like a Boss!”

Widest Variety, Freshest Quality

Over here in Sushi Flash, we serve a wide variety of sushi on conveyor belt, and we are increasing the variety from time to time.

Having priced our foods reasonably, we provide you competitively high quality Japanese foods without letting you worry about the bill that you are going pay later on- because,  each plate of sushi on the conveyor belt has a fixed price that you will be extremely clear about by the time you enter our restaurant (and no, we don’t sneak in anything more expensive to surprise you later).


Standard set meals are also freshly prepared for you if you prefer to have your own eating territory- especially our Japanese dons!