Other than their sushi, the best part is their fried items. The skill and batter used are far more better than a lot of Japanese restaurant in town. Normally when I visit Sushi Flash, I will order most of the fried items from the menu which made the waiter to be quite familiar with us (I guess I am one the few customers who are crazy about that). More importantly, you need to special order from the waiter as they will serve you freshly hot ones from their kitchen and it is more crunchy and juicy!


Another item that I highly recommend is their soft shell crab hand roll…

Su Fen Tan, http://www.sufentan.com/2015/07/sushi-flash-ss2.html?m=1

At only RM2 and RM3 a plate, this has to be the cheapest sushi restaurant around!
IF you think a sushi meal will make a huge dent in your wallet, think again. For the past year, students, office workers and families have been satisfying their sushi cravings at Sushi Flash.

There is an ample variety of sushi but it’s the price that proves irresistible — all items on the conveyor belt are RM2 and RM3.

The interior is dominated by a long conveyor belt and while a couple of tables are set up for family-style dining, it’s more fun to sit on the bar stool and pick your favourite sushi as it rolls past you.
These include hot tea, iced tea as well as wasabi and pickled ginger. There are menus to refer to for pricing and I’m happy to see plastic chopsticks offered instead of disposables.
Though the menu lists the items under appetisers, inari, maki, temaki (conical hand rolls) and gunkan (boat-shaped sushi wrapped in seaweed), you just grab whatever catches your eye.
And don’t worry about not seeing an item again as all plates are constantly replenished, even at peak hours. Just remember you can’t put back what you’ve removed from the belt.

New Straits Times, http://www.nst.com.my/node/6963

“Unlike your average sushi chain outlets, Sushi Flash is a very casual Japanese dining place and they only serve sushi and Japanese side dishes. Sushi Flash”s tagline is “Eat Like A Boss”. So, you actually just grab any sushi off the kaiten (sushi conveyor) belt and eat it like a boss.
There’s absolutely nothing to worry about how much you’re eating because you’re suppose to eat like a boss.Heh. And nothing from the belt is more than RM3 a plate!”
“They also serve Chawanmushi which is on a separate menu. They have pretty good chawanmushi. It’s really delicate and silky with mushroom, naruto and I don’t want to tell you what else is in it. You go and try it yourself”

Anna, Annna.net

“I noticed most of the diners here were young crowd especially students from the nearby colleges. There were also few ‘in-a-hurry’ customers since you practically no need to wait for food as it is ready-served on the conveyor belt already.”

“With promising quality and price as affordable as RM2 per plate, everyone can ‘Eat Like A Boss’ now at Sushi Flash!”

FoodMsia.com, http://foodmsia.com/2014/03/sushi-flash-ss15-subang-jaya-selangor/

“Keeping the menu simple, the choices are not too sophisticated and at the same time, bento sets are also available and generously serving a decent portion. Absolutely sufficient for quick solo meal and this I must say is perfect for lunch since it is strategically located at this area with a high density of students. ”

“Building a tower plate is easy here at the sushi flash. Price is superb so this is when everyone can eat like a boss here at the sushi flash.”

Soo Yin, Student